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If you have always wanted a real log home but thought the costs would be way out of reach, or you just would like an authentic log home without all the associated problems and maintenance, then you must see the Nordique System Log Homes approach to building.

After several years in the building business and dealing with saddle notch log homes and all the associated maintenance, we determined that there was a need for a true hand-crafted log home that provided all the ambiance and comfort of logs, yet was not labor and maintenance intensive. This authentic construction system, derived from a historic and proven Scandinavian method, allows for superior hand-hewn log homes at or near conventional home construction costs.



Patented Nordique System Log Homes 

Patented Log Home Building System

Exclusive Patented Log Home Building System

Our patented system eliminated all settling, thus greatly reducing long term maintenance commonly associated with log homes. With our system of building, all doors and windows bucks are tightly installed, maximizing energy efficiency and comfort. We use hand-peeled, dead-standing lodge pole pine to assure against shrinkage, and because we construct all the walls in our log manufacturing yard and ship them to your building site in sections, there is no room for mistakes.

Our goal is to build the perfect home for your needs. We custom build all our homes, one at a time, no matter how large or small, and your desires are always foremost in the planning and construction process. We are able to ship to any state you desire, and our professional crew will reset your log package and assist in any way we can. We received a patent on our building system in 2002 and now have homes in several different states. Please feel free to contact us with any construction or design questions you may have.


No commercial building project is too small or too large for us to handle. We can take your project from its conceptual phase to completion. Comprehensive planning and design, combined with our patented Nordique System means that your project will be exactly what you envision.

Commercial Log Buildings


Our custom log homes reflect the vision you have for your family residence. We have been creating world-class log homes for families across the USA for many years.  Our homes are of the highest quality, energy-efficient, beautiful and require less maintenance than other log homes.

Residential Log Homes

Featured in Log Home Living Magazine

Featured in Log Home Living Magazine

An article in Log Home Living magazine a while back featured one of the homes we built for a discriminating interior designer and antique dealer. He chose our company because of our Nordique System that eliminates the need for adjustments to accommodate log shrinkage and settling.

All log homes are not created equal

Choosing our patented Nordique System means that the investment in your home is protected from the huge expense and frustration of dealing with shrinking walls.

Contact us today for more information; let us help you bring your log home vision to fruition.

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