Comparative Advantages


Each "side" of a typical log home is made using logs that are one continuous tree or have end splices to give the appearance of one continuous log. In order to find a log that is the same diameter from top to bottom and is perfectly straight, the logger has to harvest "green" trees or the manufacturer has to turn them to achieve the consistency necessary. Following construction, as the tree dries, it shrinks and twists causing the house to settle and move. In Nordique System Log Homes, we do not use "green " trees. We use dead standing trees so the shrinkage has already taken place. We use primarily lodge pole pine because of the consistency in size and the interesting "character" marks that many people desire. We do not require long continuous logs because we incorporate vertical logs on the corners and along the walls every 16 feet or less. We have very little waste in our homes and this savings is passed on to the home owner.


SCREW JACKS AND SLIP JOINTS -- Most log homes require screw jacks and slip joints that must be adjusted periodically to compensate for settling and log movement. Our homes do not require any of these because, where there is no settling, no adjustment is necessary. Interior walls can be finished from floor to ceiling, cabinets can be hung on the walls, and stairway landings can be set with no concern for settling problems.

NO SETTLING ALLOWANCE -- Most typical log homes require allowances of at least 4 to 6 inches above the door and window bucks to accommodate settling. We frame all our door and window bucks in tight to prevent air, insect and rodent infiltration. Our homes do not settle which will save considerable time and money in long term maintenance.

LESS WASTE -- We do not build the entire structure, then cut out all the doors and windows and discard the material. We build the walls in sections in our yard and cut the doors and windows out as we build the log courses which enable us to utilize the maximum material from each log.

CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE -- When we lay out our log walls, we do a Swedish Cope scribe and insulate between each row of logs with fiberglass insulation. These rows are then screwed together with oly log screws. Once we build the walls in our yard, they are never taken apart. We fasten all the horizontal logs to the vertical posts by using a 3/4 inch by 3 inch deep saw kerf in the ends of the horizontal logs and a 3/4 inch by 3 inch deep groove that runs full length along the vertical post. We insert a 3/4 inch by 6 inch spline into the corresponding grooves and secure with wood screws and construction adhesive. This makes a very tight and secure joint between the horizontal logs and the vertical log posts.

RESET TIME -- Typically it takes us less than one day to do a complete reset on your foundation. At $80.00 to $100.00 per hour for a crane, this is a very substantial savings to the home owner.

LOG WORK -- We do all the log work for your home including trusses, accent logs and any other specialty logs you desire. We hand peel all our logs just prior to construction so they are clean and not faded by the sun. We bring in our workers to complete the reset and when we are done, the home is ready for doors, windows, interior partitions and roof system.

FINISH WORK -- Because our homes do not settle, standard construction techniques are used to finish the home. Any carpenter or home owner with a basic knowledge of construction can completely finish the home. We work with the homeowner or builder until they are completely comfortable with the system and are available on an on going basis for any consultation.