The Nordique System

Nordique System Log Homes takes a different approach to log home construction. Our patented system eliminates all of the potential negatives associated with traditional log homes without sacrificing any of the natural beauty. The Nordique System Log Home building system comes down to basic physics. If you stress an object at its weakest point, it will be compromised. If you configure an object to take advantage of its natural strength, it will stand true for years. The Nordique System does just this. Our construction uses vertical logs that are kerfed 3/4 inch by 3 inches deep on the sides, and the horizontal logs are secured with a 3/4 inch plywood spline that is screwed and glued in place for a very secure and strong wall joint. The horizontal logs are fully scribed down, insulation placed between each row and secured with professional grade log screws. This ensures virtually no settling, shrinkage, or air infiltration. This approach is truly superior to traditional designs that stack all logs horizontally, which strains the weaker property of the logs over time and requires constant maintenance. Logs shrink in circumference, not in length. We also use hand-scribed, coped and hand-peeled dead-standing lodge pole pine in the true log crafter tradition. The Nordique system is proven to be faster and less expensive to construct and is virtually maintenance free.

Due to the traditional methods of building log homes, most typical saddle notch homes require allowances of 5 to 10 inches above the doors and windows to accommodate settling because of the use of "green trees" that shrink and twist. Screw jacks, compression springs, slotted window and door bucks, and slip joints all need adjusting periodically to compensate for settling and movement. Nordique System Log Homes' method of building has eliminated the need for all of the above. We have many years experience in the construction business and have designed and patented this simple but effective method of building. One major cost-saving bonus is that because our homes do not settle, any carpenter or home owner with some basic carpentry skills can do the finish work.

When we, along with you, come up with a floor plan configuration, we then determine vertical log placement and window placement and rough opening dimensions. We install all door and window bucks during construction in our yard so there are no costly "after delivery" surprises. We also pre-drill for electrical on all exterior walls. One of our goals is to make this project as "subcontractor friendly" as possible, saving you substantial dollars. We will give you a delivered and reset price and the only unknown cost related to the log package that we deliver is the cost of a crane or lift to reset the walls on your sub floor. It typically takes no more than one day to do the complete reset and when we are done, it is ready for interior partitions, roof system, gable ends, doors, windows and any decks or porches.