Homeowner Testimonials

Although we had decided that we wanted a log home, we were concerned about the typical problems of shifting and settling associated with new log construction. That is, until we talked to Dan Baker and Bruce Janssen of NORDIQUE SYSTEM LOG HOMES and they explained their unique construction system that basically eliminates settling!

Since completion of our log home in May 2000, we have been more than satisfied with the finished product. There is no binding in any of the doors and windows, and yet no air leaks even in high winds! No twisting of the logs to cause the caulking to peel away! Since all of the roof weight is on the verticals, nothing has shifted since the first day of completion. This was especially important around the larger window areas.

We strongly recommend this Nordique System of log construction!

Darryl and Sue Hastings
Rochester, Michigan

Nordique System Log Homes built our home in September of 1998 and we have not had one problem with the home what so ever. We really appreciate the fact that there is no adjusting or other maintenance problems associated with this home. Finishing the home was very comparable to finishing a frame home which saved us considerable cost.

We very highly recommend Nordique System Log Homes.

Warren and Judy Hawley
Marne, Michigan